Earth Cookies Are Nice

Earth Cookies Are Nice 1.0

Tournament starts, all you'll be left with is the crumbs!
1.0 (See all)

In the future the Universe will decide that the best thing about the remote planet called Earth is it's cookies. Tournaments will be held where the prize for scoring will be to eat a delicious cookie. This simulation of the future gives you Earthling the chance to get into practice otherwise when the great Intergalactic Cookie Tournament starts, all you'll be left with is the crumbs!

Main Features:
- Fast-paced gameplay, to liven up that dull coffee break!
- Single and multi-player options.
- Up to 2 players can play on one machine.
- Challenge your friend over the network!
- a PC rated 400 MHz with 8 Mb DirectX compatible video card and 64 Mb RAM.
- Needs either Microsoft’s Windows 95/98/2000 or XP (Sorry does not work on NT) and a mouse and keyboard.
- Requires Microsoft’s DirectX 8 (or higher) which if you have not got it can be downloaded from Microsoft (see our links page).
- DirectX compatible Soundcard required for audio.

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